Provincial Manager (Nationwide)

Salary Range :


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for provincial and regional sales management, responsible for provincial strategic customer sales indicators;
2. Understand the company's terminal strategic policy, implement and communicate in the provincial and regional areas, formulate and implement relevant indicators and plans around the strategic policy;
3. Conduct provincial and regional sales teams Personnel management and construction, step-by-step training of talents for reserve; Reasonable solution.

Job Requirements:

1. Education: college degree or above;
2. Major: no major;
3. Work manager: engaged in medical industry, FMCG industry, home appliance industry channel development and management, terminal sales for more than five years, with experience in sales team management;
4. Ability and quality
(1) Excellent communication and language skills;
(2) Strong adaptability, negotiation ability and learning ability; 
(3) Experience in terminal sales management.