Regional Manager (Nationwide)

Salary Range :


Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the national strategic goals, responsible for setting up a sales team within the scope of jurisdiction;
2. According to the company's sales policy, responsible for formulating and completing the monthly, quarterly and annual sales targets in the region;
3. According to the total annual sales targets, carry out Decompose the indicators, and at the same time guide and assist the subordinate regions to complete the indicators;
4. According to the company's overall planning requirements, formulate the annual marketing plan in the region, and strictly implement it after the company's approval;
5. Responsible for product promotion in the region and solve the market problems
6. Improve the channel network, manage and promote channel market expansion and maintenance;

7.Do a good job in overall coordination with customers, provide professional technical support, and establish long-term stable win-win relationships with customers;
8 . , Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Job Requirements:

1. Education: college degree or above;
2. Major: medical equipment, marketing and other related majors are preferred;
3. Work experience: more than five years of sales management experience in the medical industry;
4. Certain academic resources and market resources are preferred;
5. , Excellent communication skills and language expression skills;
6. Strong adaptability, negotiation ability and learning ability;
7. Excellent team management skills, with independent management experience in team management of 5~10 people.