Health hazards of noise

Both continuous and acute exposure to noise can induce psychologically and physiologically mediated stress reactions, and an analysis commissioned by the World Health Organization concluded that every 10dB(A) increase in noise increases the incidence of coronary artery disease by 8%, and the health risks of noise at night are even greater, leading to sleep fragmentation, elevated stress hormone levels and oxidative stress.

Over time, this can result in elevated blood pressure, hypertension, and high blood sugar levels, as well as cardiovascular disorders like coronary artery disease, cardiac failure, irregular heartbeats, and stroke.


Quiet Breathing · To Life

After years of exploration, we have continuously optimized the design structure of the core components of the oxygen concentrator, and at the same time innovatively designed multi-stage impedance and multi-channel noise dissipation system, supplemented by multi-stage noise reduction air duct design, so that the noise of the oxygen concentrator is controlled below 36dB.

In the future, the technology will still continue to evolve and continue to introduce a number of new standards and technologies that are the first to achieve mass production in China, further optimizing the noise performance of oxygen concentrators to reach international leading standards.

We not only concentrate on product development and research into diseases, but also value your emotional wellbeing.


Medical Oxygen Concentrator H Series (3L/5L)


Running sound ≤ 38 decibels*

* Test data from third-party labs and CARER Lab, data may vary by product